Sickness Prevention Achieved through Regional Collaboration

Promoting Lifelong Health


Who We Are
We are a nonprofit health organization serving residents of the four counties at the junction of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

Our Mission
We help men, women, and children improve and extend the quality of their lives through the use of basic disease prevention services.

What We Do
We work in partnership with community organizations and healthcare providers to promote disease prevention by:

  • Identifying people most in need
  • Coordinating existing health services
  • Developing programs to increase access
Our Rx for Lifelong Health promotes the use of vaccinations; cancer detection tests including pap smears, mammograms, and colon cancer screening; and cardiovascular tests including cholesterol and blood pressure checks.

How We Do It
We act as a catalyst. We initiate meetings with area collaborators where we identify needs and prepare an action plan.

SPARC P.O. Box 746, 318 Main Street, Lakeville, CT 06039
Toll Free: 888-557-7272 Fax: 860-435-8193
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